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First Time car Loans

First time car & truck loans for a used car or truck can be difficult to obtain. First time buyers do not need previous credit history to purchase a reliable vehicle, but often do not have any credit history and find it difficult to get an auto loan approved through traditional lenders. We help first time buyers establish a credit rating and history. Edmonton Car Loan provides first time buyer Read More

Self Employed Car Loans

Self Employed Car Loans Many banks and lenders look at self employed car loans as bad credit car loan and high risk. Edmonton Car Loans provides loans for people who are self employed. We realize self employed people need vehicles and in most cases can easily afford the loan payments. The main reason traditional lenders may not approve a self employed car loan is because the difficulty Read More

Subprime Car Loans

Subprime car and Truck loans are based on higher risk factors than regular prime rate loans. Because the interest rate of subprime car loans are higher they are called subprime car loans.Subprime car loans are a good solution forĀ  people who do not have a high credit rating or credit score. Edmonton Car Loans specializes in subprime car and truck loans, and will work hard to get you the ve Read More

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Auto Refinancing

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